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Home Insurance

Finding the lowest-price A-rated coverage for your home is our specialty. If you’re paying too much now, don’t wait another day. Contact us now or use our fast RateFinder™ tool to see how much you can save with PolicyPro. We provide standard and comprehensive policies that give you peace of mind. With the proper home insurance policy, we can guarantee that damages to your home from a covered event will be fixed, and your belongings will be replaced.

Other Types of Insurance Coverage

At PolicyPro, our team can find you the lowest rate for the following types of insurance coverage:

  Auto / Boat / RV / Motorcycle / Classic Car Insurance

Our insurance ensures that you won’t feel the burden of medical bills and repair costs when your vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident, even when you’re the one at fault. We can cover all repairs and settle medical bills for the injured driver.

  Commercial Insurance

We can help you protect your business from unpredictable events such as theft or liability. If you are a Texas business owner, you can count on PolicyPro to provide you with comprehensive commercial insurance for the lowest possible price.

  Flood Insurance

Floods take place every year across the United States, and flood insurance is a necessity for anyone who is concerned about their lives, home, and property being damaged by rising water. We offer a specially designed flood insurance policy meant to suit your needs.

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