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Why Should I Consider Switching Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage?

Dec 2019

Many homeowners live year after year paying too much for their insurance coverage. Unaware that there are better options available, they continue to overpay and don’t realize how much they could be saving. Other homeowners, maybe first-time home buyers, simply opted for the first policy they researched because they thought all insurance coverage was basically the same. Whether you’ve had home insurance for years or are relatively new to home ownership, you should consider shopping for better deals if extra money in your pocket is something that sounds good to you.

How often should I consider changing insurance policies?

For savvy insurance shoppers who have made it their business to compare policies and providers, a thorough review of their coverage and premium should be conducted at each renewal cycle. For homeowners who have never really considered their insurance coverage as a competitive market product, the opportunity to realize big savings starts today. All homeowners have the right to change their coverage at any time, and the sad fact is that insurance providers count on most people not really understanding how the insurance industry works and where and how to find real savings.

In general, it is a smart idea to switch to a different home insurance policy any time you can lower your premium and maintain at least the same level of coverage. But how do you know which policy offers you the best balance of coverage and savings?

Shop for a new carrier with PolicyPro

When you contact PolicyPro, you’ll be able to talk to a representative who has access to over 40 A-rated insurance providers competing for your business. If rock-bottom pricing is your goal with the right amount of coverage for your home, there’s no more reliable way to go than with PolicyPro.

What about the money in my escrow account?

Nearly ¾ of U.S. homeowners carry a mortgage on their home, and for these people a portion of their monthly house payment goes into an escrow account to be used for expenses such as taxes and insurance. When those expenses are due, your mortgage lender makes those payments from your escrow account. If your annual homeowner’s insurance premium is paid through an escrow account, you may wonder what happens to the money you’ve already “paid in” when you switch insurance providers.

PolicyPro delivers savings on your pre-paid escrow account

Once you've talked to a PolicyPro representative and selected a plan that meets your needs, PolicyPro can assist you with canceling your old policy, requesting a refund of any amounts pre-paid from your existing insurance carrier, and setting up your new policy with your escrow account. Your interaction with PolicyPro is a turnkey event that not only saves you money moving forward with lower homeowner’s insurance premiums, but also gets you additional money back from your escrow account. For most customers, this doubles the savings!

Switching homeowner’s insurance can put money in your pocket…now!

Evaluating your insurance coverage from time to time just makes sense. The easiest time to shop for and change homeowner’s insurance policies is when your current policy term is coming to an end. However, you can shop for better coverage and rates at any time, and PolicyPro makes it easy and fast to do so.

Go to today and enter your zip code, home square footage, and year your home was built into our RateFinder™ tool and see how much you can save. It’s that easy!